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Quentin Elias: Former member of the group died Alloy

Terrible rumor which only qu’enfler … Quentin Elias , the former member of the alloy group died . Indeed, Quentin , 39 years reportedly died of a heart attack , leaving behind his family and friends in disarray.

In 1997 Quentin knows a runaway success with its famous boyband Alloy, but once the euphoria around groups babes settled, ensues a period in the wilderness that led him to perform odd jobs for s ‘ out.

In the early 2000s , he eventually emigrated to the United States where he continued his solo career , but leaves only two singles : Always The Last To Say Goodbye in 2002, and Serve It Up in 2005, he also launched in France ( but success will not be waiting for you ) .

He then worked as a model for several designers like Giorgio Armani and Jean- Paul Gaultier, but also to brand gay underwear Nikos , based in New York.

In 2008, Quentin Elias eventually even appear in gay pornographic films solo Randyblue ( where he practiced onanism ) , under the name of Q.

In recent years, he attempted yet another comeback with passages in various reality shows , like in season 2 of The Isle of Truths or more recently Giuseppe Ristorante .

Nothing yet has been confirmed about his death, but audience will keep you informed as soon as possible about this sad news , which still seems very convincing as the coach Quentin , Theo , just post a message farewell on Facebook: “Farewell Quentin , rest in Peace ” (click HERE to see ) .

All our thoughts are with the relatives of Quentin .

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