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Diana Agron – The Beautiful TV Star

Dianna Agron is an actress American television and cinema. She was born April 30, 1986 in Savannah, in the State of Georgia in the United States.

She began her career in 2006 when she appeared in the TV movie comedy After Midnight: Life Behind Bars by Brian Hanson , and in several shows such as Shark , CSI: NY and Veronica Marswith Kristen Bell , or Just Cause .


The following year, Dianna Agron joined the latter in the cast of the series Heroes . For four episodes, she played the role of a cheerleader alongside Hayden Panettiere .

Also in 2007, she starred in It’s a Mall World , a series of short films directed by Milo Ventimiglia , also his partner in Heroes .

After an appearance in the series Numb3rs in 2008, Dianna Agron picks up in 2009, the regular role of Quinn Fabray in the TV series Glee . She accompanies Chris Colfer , Jessalyn Gilsig andJane Lynch .


Cinema, Dianna Agron plays including two action films: TKO of Declan Mulvey and Skid Marks ofKarl Kozak (2007), with Tyler Poelle , Mikey Post and Scott Dittman .

Two years later, Dianna Agron wrote, directed, interpret and produce the short film comedy A Fuchsia Elephant . She portrays the young Charlotte Hill, who at eighteen, decided to organize the birthday she has always dreamed as a child party.

In 2010, between seasons of Glee , the young actress takes time to make a movie break by turning I am Number 4 .

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